Down to Earth Garden Club​​

Civic Project
In 1995, the club chose as a civic project the restoration and maintenance of the perennial beds at the   Waveland State Historic Site  . In 1996, with the help of a grant from the Lexington Council Garden Clubs, the club began renovation of the garden. Between 1997-1998, new beds were installed and planted with 16 trees and over 100 perennial plants. Addition of an arbor and bench completed the garden. In 2001, the club received a second grant from the LCGC to add native plants to the landscape. Many southeastern ecotypes, known for longevity and reliable performance, replaced some of the existing plants. The garden now boasts of established plantings of many native species that contribute to the beauty of this historic site. In 2010, the club contracted to have the brickwork bordering the back flower beds professionally refurbished. To date, we have been designated a Monarch Way Station, have provided additional seating with a recycled plastic bench, and placed plant identification markers. The garden has become a popular spot for photography, weddings, and other special occasions.